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Just relaxing at the club with some money…stripper and cash


Don’ts For Dancers #23

Don'ts for Dancers - Tips for Exotic Dancers

“Don’t dance with bent knees. Bent knees suggest an ancient cab-horse on its last pathetic stagger or a performing chimpanzee gyrating round its keeper. The knees should be ready to bend when necessary, but most of the actual “play” should come from the ankle and the ball of the foot”.

I know bending the knees helps loosen up your butt cheeks when you’re twerking but some girls get carried away and it looks like their going to take a shit on the stage or something. Try some stuff out in the mirror at home before you bring it to work.

Bringing Sexy Back 2013

Bringing Sexy Back Week 2013

Bringing Sexy Back Week 2013

“The more you tell yourself you are beautiful, the more you take the time to practice feeling sexy, because yes, it does take a bit of practice, the more confident you will find yourself being. This is why I love Bringing Sexy Back Week! This is the perfect opportunity for everyone, men, women, straight or gay, tall or short to show each other how sexy they are. Last year we had over 250 videos of people from all over the world participating in Bringing Sexy Back. This year, we are hoping to double that. This is, for me, my favorite thing that will happen all year. There are so many ways to be sexy, it doesn’t have to be what other people think is sexy, it should just be you, feeling good in your skin and expressing that the best way you know how. The best part of Bringing Sexy Back is there is no judging, no scores, it’s a celebration! Celebrate you being you, rejoice in your beauty and share it with us.”

– Annemarie Davies, UPA CEO/Founder

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Don’ts for Dancers #22

Don'ts for Dancers - Tips for Exotic Dancers

“Don’t go to a dance when you are suffering from a cold in the head. Much better cancel your engagement and retire to bed. Even if you are not feeling particularly bad, your presence at the dance is a menace to others.”

Looking at you girls  that hang out in the dressing room all night whining about how sick you are and coughing everywhere. Go home!!